Northern Great Dane Club

Championship Show 2017

Held at Sutton Leisure Centre, St Helens, Merseyside

on Sunday 5th March 2017





Reserve Best in Show 





DOGS. Judge Ms J. Brooker 

Class 1. Minor Puppy Dog. 7 entries (1 abs)

1st   Jaydania Bjorn Borg

2nd  Garsak Sir Rod Stewart

3rd   Roucandane Wilson Pickett

4th   El Gasparo Vom Hause Black Diamond

vhc  Renescent upper Sic 

Class 2. Puppy Dog. 9 entries (1 abs)

1st   Daneworth Legacy

2nd  Samdice My Hero

3rd   Droolakiss True Gentleman To Murrayvhayle

4th   Lamborghini Von Der Kieselbachquelle

vhc  Carsan Arianell

 Class3. Junior Dog. 3 entries (1abs)

1st   Ravedane Rock or Bust

2nd  Carsan Orhien

Class 4. Yearling Dog. 5 entries (1abs)

1st   Keirkanes King of The Throne

2nd  Zefathers Heartbreaker

3rd   Primus Breaking News

4th   Roucandane One In A Million

Class 5. Maiden Dog. 3 entries

1st   Carsan Arianell

2nd  Bandwar For Aces High

3rd   Bombadier Box Via Leamap

Class 6. Novice Dog. 2 entries

1st   Bombadier Box Via Leamap

2nd  Carsan Orhien 

Class 7. Graduate Dog. 2 entries

1st   Danemoor Black Watche For Sarawen

2nd  Daysue Born Ready

Class 8. Post Graduate Dog. 7 entries

1st   Teesedane Ragahnarr

2nd  Zefathers Come Together

3rd   Equleus Solar Warrior Of Enydelet

4th   Sarawen Arch Deacon

vhc  withheld

Class 9. Limit Dog. 4 entries

1st   Zefathers Sir Brian At Anadain

2nd  Carran Isle Masked Monseur At Tabordane

3rd   Selmalda Journey To The Line

4th   Justinian It Must Be Magic

Class 10. Special Open Veteran Dog. 6 entries (2 abs)

1st   Tenaya Commanche War Lord

2nd  Ravendane Equinox At Elleyenda

3rd   Bandwar Happy As Larry JW ShCM

4th   Ch. Kemanilo Total Magic

Class 11. Special Open Fawn Dog. 4 entries

1st   Ch Diplomatics Nicolas Cage Jr To Garsak

2nd  Carran Isle Masked Monseur At Tabordane

3rd   Dainmajik The Wizard

Class 12. Special Open Brindle Dog. 2 entries

1st   Droolakiss Re Attraction Via Emaneaz

2nd  Dainmajik The Enchanter For Soupury

Class 13. Special Open Blue Dog. 3 entries

1st   Sarawen Arch Deacon

2nd  Leamap Chivas Regal

3rd   Ravendane Rock Or Bust

Class 14. Special Open Black Dog. 2 entries

1st   Leamap Strongbow At Jasnettdaness

2nd  Danemoor Black Watche For Sarawen

Class 15. Special Open Harlequin Dog. 3 entries

1st   Akura Final Frontier

2nd  Shalrace The Maestro

3rd   Clansman Von Tir Na Nogh Of Ranaldane 

Class 16. Special Open Mantle Dog. 3 entries (1abs)

1st   Ravendane Equinox At Elleyenda

2nd  Adoreadane Just That Jazz For Danojan

Class 17. Open Dog. 4 entries (1abs)

1st   Ganteaus Alfa Americano Il Decimo

2nd  Zamu Zoran Giants Maybes Place Murrayvhayle

3rd   Tenaya Cherokee Lone Wolf 



Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate;  JAYDANIA BJORN BORG



BITCHES.  Judge Mrs J.A. Park 

Class 18. Minor Puppy Bitch. 10 entries (4abs)

1st   Jaydania Steffi Graff

2nd  Sihr Strawberry Moon

3rd   Damarkann Illicit Love

4th   Garsak Abfab

vhc  Garsak Still Game

Class 19. Puppy Bitch. 10 entries (5abs)

1st   Samdice Best Of You

2nd  Adoreadane Just The Ticket

3rd   Droolakiss Gold N Glory

4th   Bandwar Taylor Made

vhc  Samdice Bangin

Class 20. Junior Bitch. 6 entries (1 abs)

1st   St Piran Velolette At Shlarra

2nd  Bandwar Taylor Made

3rd   Jasnettdanes Misty Morning

4th   Toponurs Asteria

vhc  Samdice Bangin

Class 21. Yearling Bitch. 9 entries (1abs)

1st   Keirkanes Kiss From Heaven

2nd  Dornoir Ain

3rd   Renescent Pole Position At Sofala

4th   Garsak City Of Angels At Primus

vhc  Vanmore American Express

Class 22. Maiden Bitch. 4 entries (2abs)

1st   Sihr Strawberry Moon

2nd  Bandwar Taylor Made

Class 23. Novice Bitch. 1 entry (1abs)

Class 24. Graduate Bitch. 5 entries (2abs)

1st   Adoreadane Make Your Mark

2nd  Dornoir Iaine

3rd   Garsak Moonstruck

Class 25. Post Graduate Bitch. 7 entries (3abs)

1st   Renescent Love Heart

2nd  Foaldown Secret Whisper

3rd   Droolakiss Stripe A Pose

4th   Dainmajik Bewitched At Carerra 

Class 26. Limit Bitch. 7 entries

1st   Papper Moons Heavy Fuel To Jaydania

2nd  Ravendane Maleficent For Harvaxe

3rd   Janriche Miss Congeniality

4th   Bylosdylos Summer Time At Shlarra

vhc   Droolakiss Golc N Glamour

Class 27. Special Veteran Bitch. 7 entries (4abs)

1st   Equleus Celestial Beauty

2nd  Nl Ch Zefathers Total Minded

3rd   Dornoir Wode 

Class 28. Special Open Fawn Bitch. 4 entries

1st   Samdice Written In The Stars

2nd  Foaldown Secret Whisper

3rd   Daimajik The Sorceress

4th   Garsak Season Of The Witch At Tabordane

Class 29. Special Open Brindle Bitch. 1 entry

1st Ch Janriche Miss America

Class 30. Special Open Blue Bitch. 5 entries

1st   Renescent Love Heart

2nd  Leamap Iron Maiden

3rd   Int Ch Ravendane Rose Liqueur

4th    Dornoir Ain

vhc  Jasnettdanes Misty Morning 

Class 31. Special Open Black Bitch. 5 entries (1abs)

1st   Leamap Black Caviar At Sarawen

2nd  Renescent Pole Position At Sofala

3rd   Dornoir Wode

4th   Bandwar Taylor Made

Class 32. Special Open Harlequin Bitch. 3 entries (3abs)

Class 33. Special Open Mantle Bitch 2 entries

1st   Ravendane Queen Of Darkness For Elleyenda

2nd  Tamzdane Bohemian Raspberry At Ravendane

Class 34. Open Bitch. 4 entries (1abs)

1st   Garsak Adaption

2nd  Ch Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice

3rd   Selmalda Zizs Journey


BITCH Challenge Certificate;  GARSAK ADAPTION

Reserve Challenge Certificate;  KEIKANES KISS FROM HEAVEN



Class 35. Brace. 1 entry (1abs)