Northern open july 09


Judge Mrs Sara Pepper


BEST IN SHOW dainwood storm lilly to branella r b b danemoor gold n delicious
R B I S CH arondyke absent minded r b d ch internos the challenger
BP internos belle star 

M P D 4(1)
1st jacqukir blake
2nd thebalicious new moon
3rd primus optimist in stripes

P D (3)1 renescent monsieur alfonse

J D 1

M D 2 (1)
1st roucandane all in stripes 

N D no entrys

P G D (5) 2

1st internos the heavyweight 
2nd altusdane johnnyb good for droolakiss
3rd devarro the steeplechaser at primus

L D 3(1)
1st internos arizo
2nd ravendane red rum 

SP V dog 2(1)
1st danemoor going for gold 

SP O harli
1st internos arizona
2nd ebonory ready to rumble
3rd thebalicious new moon

SP O mantle no entries 

SP O blue 4(1)
1st internos the heavyweight
2nd ravendane red rum
3rd altusdane jonny b good for droolakiss 

SP O black
CH internos challenger

SP O fawn absent 

SP O brindle 4
1st emaneaz pure star atraction
2nd dinahtron tigerland
3rd roucandane all in stripes
4th davarro the steeplechaser at primus 

O D 3 (2)
1stCH arondyke absent minded 

M P B  1
1st the balicious jenny wren 

P B  6(3)
1st internos belle star
2nd internos annie oakley
3rd renescent mimi labonq 

J B      3 (2)
1st jacqukir beau 

M B       5 (3) i think
1st internos annie oakey
2nd ???

N B     6 (4)
1st internos belle starr
2nd teeseedane just matilda

P G B .5 (3)
1st dainwood storm lilly to branella
2nd equleus celestrail beauty 

L B       3(1)
1st teeseedane truly alvinia
2nd enydelet red flamingo at equleus 

SP V B    3(2)
1st danemoor gold n delicious 

SP O harli bitch    4(2)
1st cenninpedr inspired by ravendane 2nd batemanor pure majic 

SP O mantle no entrys 

SP O blue     4(3)
1st the balicious jenny wren 

SP O black    3 (1)
1st internos belle starr
2nd internos annie oakley 

SP O fawn    4(1)
1st equleus celestrial beauty
2nd teeseedane truly alvenia 

SP O brindle    1
1st emaneaz pure sweet success 

O B     3
1st samdice making dreams
2nd batemanor pure magic
3rd enydelet red flamingo at equleus