It's my spacehopper                                               Doggles
On the head!!
Who are you calling a chicken?
No tongues !!
       Lazy days in the sun                                       Thats my Bird Food                              



Here is the simple recipe that I use.

1lb Liver (lamb or pig)

1lb SR Flour

3 Eggs

a little Garlic ( I use lazy, because I am!) but cloves will do.



Crack eggs into a jug, add equal volume of milk & mix.

Blend Liver & garlic together (if you don't have a blender, fry the liver slightly & cut up as it's cooking)

Pour egg mixture in with Liver....add Flour, mix to a nice consistency.

Empty onto greased baking tray at least an inch deep, bake at 180 degrees for 35-45 minutes.

Leave to cool & cut into squares. Divide into bags of 10 pieces (or whatever you think you will use per day) & freeze. Use when needed.

Many people have their own recipes for Liver Cake... & you can change to whatever your dog prefers.

I usually make DOUBLE this amount. I change the Liver for 2 tins of Sardines, or Tuna, Chicken Livers or Hearts sometimes. You can use wholemeal flour. You can use half water & half milk. You can even add parsley!.. whatever your dog likes.

Just play around with this's simple... it has to be for me!.

Thanks to Ms J. Walton for this recipe. 


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