held on Sunday 1st March 2015 at Sutton Leisure Centre, St Helens 







Dog Judge - Mr John Lockey

Minor Puppy Dog 10 entries, 1 abs, 1 transferred.

1st  Selmalda The Journey

2nd Tenaya Cherokee Lone Wolf

3rd  Selmalda Journey to The Line

4th  Dinahtron Don't Stop Me Now

vhc Primus Knockin Bet


Puppy Dog  5 entries, 3 abs.

1st   Vanmore Bazooka Joe (transferred from minor puppy)

2nd  Vanmore Look And Learn With Foxglen

3rd  Born a Winner At Zulusky


 Junior Dog  5 entries, 1 abs.

1st   Leamap Whiskey Galore

2nd  Calchas Willobee Wiseman

3rd  Ravendane Flash Gordon At Roucandane

4th  Clannalba Ardaich An Inbhe


Yearling Dog  4 entries.

1st   Bourntwyn Greatest Day

2nd  Vanmore Stop And Stare At Castleton

3rd   Leamap Strongbow At Jasnettdanes

4th   Phoenixdane Jackbauer For Astraldream


Maiden Dog  No entries.


Novice Dog  1 entry.

1st   Phoenixdane Jackbauer For Astraldream


Graduate Dog  1 entry.

1st   Culseandanes Loki Mischief


Post Graduate Dog  7 entries, 1 abs.

1st   Carbarline Real Love

2nd  Vanderzar Love Me Two Times

3rd   Akura Final Mission With Carsan

4th   Justinian It Must Be Magic

vhc  Culseandanes Vipers Tale


Limit Dog  9 entries, 2 abs.

1st   Roucandane The Witchdoctor with Socar

2nd  Calomar Chasing Stars

3rd   Leamap Chivas Regal

4th   Dainoak Fides Of Veritas

vhc  Equleus Solar Warrior Of Enydelet


Special Veteran Dog  8 entries, 2 abs.

1st   Tushmania Phantom

2nd  Perfect Blue At Clannalba

3rd   Internos The Heavyweight

4th   Internos Arizona Sh.C.M.

vhc   Sereno Button moon


Special Open Fawn Dog  1 entry.

1st   Selmalda I'm Yours


Special Open Brindle Dog  4 entries.

1st   High Esteem Lochsong At Danetime

2nd  Droolakiss Manson

3rd   Roucandane The Illusionist

4th   Rosenbach Justin Time


Special Open Blue Dog  4 entries.

1st   Leamap Chivas Regal

2nd  Internos Empereor From Vanderzar

3rd   Internos The Heavyweight

4th   Clannalba Blue Balach


Special Open Black Dog  2 entries.

1st   Leamap Black Sabbath With Sarawen

2nd  Akura Final Mission With Carsan


Special Open Harlequin Dog  6 entries, 2 abs.

1st   Bandwar Happy As Larry

2nd  Akura Final Frontier

3rd   Leirumdane Mea Fortuna For Dornoir

4th   Damarkann For The Long Haul


Special Open Mantle Dog  4 entries.

1st   Ravendane Flash Gordon At Roucandane

2nd  Ravendane Equinox At Elleyenda

3rd   Phoenixdane Jackbauer For Astraldream

4th   Born A Winner At Zulusky


 Open Dog  3 entries.

1st   Ch Eddanes Rule The World Dinahtron

2nd  Ch Keirkane Commander At Clannalba

3rd   Damarkann For The Long Haul






Bitch Judge - Mr Tony Schaanning Ling

Minor Puppy Bitch  12 entries, 2abs, 1 transferred.

1st   Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice

2nd  Selmalda Ziz's Journey

3rd   Primus Rhumour Has It

4th   Annadanes Shooting Star

vhc  Tenaya Cherokee Aurora Sky


Puppy Bitch  8 entries, 1 abs.

1st   Dinahtron Shot To Fame

2nd  Jinsy Des Monts De L'Autan At Renescent

3rd   Danemoor Inga Of Pendayne (transferred from minor puppy)

4th   Ravendane Bewitched By Auldmoor

vhc  Smalltall's Fairytale 


Junior Bitch  10 entries, 1 abs.

1st   Calshass Wincy Willis

2nd  Janriche Miss America

3rd   Leamap Bombay sapphire

4th   Jaydania Sadie Frost

vhc   Ebbe-B Della Baia Azzura At Renescent


Yearling Bitch  11 entries, 2abs.

1st   Jaemluck's Dannie Of Clunton

2nd  Vanmore Glamour Girl

3rd   Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds

4th   Ravendane Queen Of Darkness For Elleyenda

vhc   Stroma The Candidate


Maiden Bitch  3 entries.

1st   Leamap Bombay Sapphire

2nd  Dainoak Fortuna

3rd   Tyak Magic Touch


Novice Bitch   6 entries, 1 abs.

1st   Janriche Miss Congeniality

2nd  Ravendane Sweet Talker

3rd   Dainoak Fortuna

4th   Tyak Magic Touch

vhc   Nikami Mystic Powers


Graduate Bitch   2 entries.

1st   Lukyma Athena By Bandwar

2nd  Dainoak Fortuna


Post Graduate Bitch   9 entries.

1st   Clonallan Rainbow Bright At Gretadane

2nd  Jaemluck's Dannie Of Clunton

3rd   Leirumdane Annie Oakley

4th   Culseadanes Aurora Storm At Jasnettdanes

vhc   Dainoak Pervenire Ad Sidera


Limit Bitch   9 entries, 1abs.

1st   Stagbatch Pandora Box

2nd  Highesteem Love Affair With Dorneywood

3rd   Leamap Iron Maiden

4th   Danemoor Capurnia

vhc   Selmalda Angel Of Harlem


Special Veteran Bitch   8 entries, 1abs.

1st   Damarkann Painted Lady For Astraldream

2nd  Internos Cosi Fan Tutte

3rd   Ch Beizjan Binoche

4th   Elvistar Little Darlin

vhc   Roucandane U R My Sunshine


Special Open Fawn Bitch   6 entries, 1 abs.

1st   Samdice Written In The Stars

2nd  Hecklehaze Lady Esther Of Pendayne

3rd   Nikami Mystic Powers

4th   Nikami Exotic Spice

vhc   Clannalba Noa Beul An Latha Of Tayhamblue


Special Open Brindle Bitch   1 entry.

1st   Darlou Dressed In Stripes At Roucandane


Special Open Blue Bitch   9 entries, 2 abs.

1st   Ravendane Rose Liqueur

2nd  Leamap Iron Maiden

3rd   Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds

4th   Ebbe-B Della Baia Azzura At Renescent

vhc   Clannalba Nuadh Geansaidh Of Tayhamblue


Special Open Black Bitch   3 entries, 1 transferred.

1st   Dornoir Wode

2nd  Leamap Black Caviar At Sarawen


Special Open Harlequin Bitch   5 entries.

1st   Stagbatch Pandora Box

2nd  Ch Cismeralda Von Tir Na Nogh At Daneworth

3rd   Jaemluck's Dannie Of Clunton

4th   Leirumdane Katie Elder

vhc  Dainoak Pervenire Ad Sidera (transferred from open black)


Special Open Mantle Bitch   1 entry.

1st   Ravendane Queen Of Darkness At Elleyenda


Open Bitch   6 entries.

1st   Jaydania Georgia Of Bengrafton

2nd  Ravendane Rose Liqueur 

3rd   Ch Vanmore Eyecatching

4th   Selmalda The Kiss

vhc   Renescent La Revolution







Special Brace  1 entry

1st  Sereno Button Moon / Damarkann Painted Lady For Astraldream 




My thanks to the Northern for the invitation and for a most enjoyable day it proved to be. What a lovely present of an engraved tankard to remember the appointment. My stewards, led by Tina Teese, kept the entry nicely moving along. Much to my surprise, all joint decisions with my co-judge, John Lockey, were unanimous our BIS being the dog, McGuinness' Ch. Eddanes Rule The World Dinahtron, a true male well worthy of this award and his title. RBIS and BOS to Bliss' Stagbatch Pandora Box and BPIS to McGuinness' Dinahtron Shot To Fame (AI). Overall quality was good but type is still varied and movement has not improved since my last appointment at LKA 2009 with pinning still being the most prominent fault. I very much appreciated the large ring which allowed the exhibits room to extend when moving. With Danes on the Category 2 list, loose eyes did not feature as a problem with my entry.

MINOR PUPPY (11-2 Absent)

1. Dyson's Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice - Fawn, 7 months, well grown, good overall balance, good bone, tight feet, correct head planes, moved true and with drive.

2. Chappell's Selmalda Ziz's Journey - Fawn, 7 months, litter sister to first, slightly taller but similar remarks apply. Just preferred head of winner, but a close decision. Both a credit to breeder.

3. Well's Primus Rhumour Asit - Fawn, 6 months, much finer all round to first and second, nice head on crested neck.

PUPPY (9 - 1 absent)

1. McGuinness' Dinahtron Shot To Fame (AI) - BPIS - Fawn, just a week short of 1 year, Wow! Could not take my eyes off this puppy. Strength with elegance, lovely head with correct planes, dark eye and good ear carriage, crested neck into good shoulder placement, deep chest, not over angulated on rear which allowed free ground covering action, tight feet. Seriously considered for RCC. One to watch for the future.

2. Simpson's Jinsy Des Monts De L'Autan at Renescent (Imp FRA) - Harlequin, 11 months, stronger in head than winner but unfortunate to meet winner, overall presents a balanced picture, good bone, deep chest, not quite the angulation of first, moved true.

3. Hindle's Danemoor Inga Of Pendayne - Blue just out of M/P, slightly smaller in height than first and second, but still had strength and elegance. Did not co-operate with handler on the move.

JUNIOR (10-1 absent)

1. Henshall's Calchas Wincy Willis - Harlequin, 14 months, well grown, good white background, nicely proportioned head, parallel planes, correct neck into nicely constructed shoulders, good bone, good rear angulation, expertly handled both standing and on the move.

2. Day & Fry's Janriche Miss America - Brindle, just out of puppy, unfortunate to meet the winner. Slightly shorter but presents a lovely overall shape, correct head on crested neck, nice black striping on fawn background, good bone and tight feet, moved with drive.

3. Southgate's Leamap Bombay Sapphire - Blue, another just out of Puppy, nice head, would prefer more neck but still a nice example of our breed.

YEARLING (11-1 absent)

1. Kelleway's Jaemluck's Dannie Of Clunton - Harlequin, 23 months, not dissimilar to my Junior winner in overall conformation, good white background, not overly marked, has strength in head and body but still retains feminine elegance, covers the ground with reach and drive.

2. Whitehouse's Vanmore Glamour Girl - Brindle, 19 months, smaller all round than winner, correctly marked with black stripes on fawn background, well balanced head on crested neck, deep chest, good bone and tight feet.

3. Park's Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds - Blue, 20 months, not the maturity of first and second, but has head to die for, so well proportioned onto crested neck, well muscled, moved with drive, lovely overall shape and make. Needs time.


1. Southgate's Leamap Bombay Sapphire - Blue, third in Junior. Easy winner.

2. Kingsley's Dainoak Fortuna - Harlequin, much finer than first, possibly mainly due to age, upright in shoulder and lacks rear angulation, moved reasonably.

3. Callan's Tyak Magic Touch - Fawn, heavier all round than first and second.

NOVICE (6-1 absent)

1. Day & Fry's Janriche Miss Congeniality - Fawn, litter sister to second in Junior. Not quite the quality but still a good example of the breed. Did not co-operate fully with handler, but still worthy of first place.

2. Akinosho's Ravendane Sweet Talker - Harlequin, lightly marked, strong head, good neck and shoulder placement, straighter rear angulation than winner, moved OK.

3. Kingsley's Dainoak Fortuna - Harlequin, second in Maiden. 


1. Black's Lukyma Athena By Bandwar - Harlequin, nicely proportioned head with good planes and depth of muzzle, deep chest, good bone with tight feet, lightly marked with good white background, movement good.

2.  Kingsley's Dainoak Fortuna - Harlequin, second in Maiden & Third in Novice. 


1. Liddell's Clonallan Rainbow Bright at Gretadane - Fawn, caught my eye when she entered the ring. Lovely overall picture with elegance and strength, well proportioned head, dark eye, correct planes, crested neck, not overdone with good front and rear angulation, good mover covering the ground with drive. Well handled and was in my reckoning for RCC.

2. Kelleway's Jaemluck's Dannie Of Clunton - Harlequin, my Yearling winner and very unlucky to meet winner. Very close decision.

3. Wright's Leirumdane Annie Oakley - Harlequin, much lighter marked than second but quite similar overall, slightly deeper in chest but not the movement of first and second.

LIMIT (9-1 absent)

1 Bliss' Stagbatch Pandora Box - BCC,RBIS & BOS - Harlequin, difficult to fault as she is the epitome of what I was looking for on the day. Beautifully balanced head with correct proportions - width and depth, white background which is so important for this colour with torn patches of black, correctly placed shoulders, deep chest, good tight feet, flat bone, correct front and rear angulation, moved with drive, covering the ground with ease, true action coming and going. Pleased to award her the CC and this being her third, gaining her title.

2. Hyde's Highesteem Love Affair With Dorneywood (Imp NOR) - Fawn, lovely strong bitch, but still elegant, good head on crested neck, slightly prominent sternum, lighter in bone than winner but her quality cannot be denied, moved well.

3. Price's Leamap Iron Maiden - Blue, slightly shorter than first and second, but overall shape and make meets the standard. having to change handler for moving appeared to unsettle her.

SPECIAL VETERAN (8-1 absent)

1. Mahon's Damarkann Painted Lady for Astraldream - Harlequin, I could not believe that my winner and BVIS was nine and a half years young. A credit to her owner for condition and presentation, correct white background, her movement put more than a few of the youngsters to shame.

2. Battersby & Williams' Internos Cosi Fan Tutte - Black, 7 years young, not showing her age either, shining coat, not the rear angulation of winner but overall nice shape and make, movement good.

3 Wood & Joel's Ch. Beizjan Binoche - Fawn, also 7 years young, oozes quality but just beginning to slow up on the move, well handled.

 S/O FAWN (6-1 absent)

1. Samdice Written In The Stars - Very stylish. Correct head with good planes and proportions, very nice make and shape, very well handled, moved with drive.

2. Hindle's Hecklehaze Lady Esther of Pendayne - Bigger all round than first, but still a good example of the breed, not quite the rear angulation of first but moved OK.

3. Gibson's Nikami Mystic Powers - Finer than first and second, nicely bodied with good muscling, tight feet.


1. Booth's Darlou Dressed In Stripes at Roucandane - Stood alone, reasonable head but carrying a little too much weight which showed on the move, handler and exhibit were not in unison.

S/O BLUE (9-1 absent)

1. Walton's Ravendane Rose Liqueur - I have admired this exhibit from ringside and was not disappointed when examined, lovely head piece with good planes and depth of muzzle, good crested neck, correct placement of shoulder, deep chest, nicely angulated. Handler made the most of exhibit, moved with drive.

2. Price's Leamap Iron Maiden - Third in Limit.

3. Park's Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds - Third in Post Graduate.

S/O Black (2)

1. Middleton's Dornoir Wode - Gleaming coat, black is black as per standard, lovely picture showing good make and shape, correct head, moved true.

2. Pepper's Leamap Black Caviar at Sarawen - Rather unsettled. Understand she whelped eight weeks ago, which showed but overall a good example  and again black is black.


1. Bliss' Stagbatch Pandora Box - RBIS, BOS and BCC.

2 Pearson's Ch. Cismeralda Von Tir Na Nogh at Daneworth (Imp DEU) - Very stylish with excellent white background with black torn patches. a bit too doggy in the head for me, but proportions are good, nice crested neck, excellent shoulders, good spring of rib, well muscled, moved with drive, reach and power. I can understand why she has done so well on the continent.

3 Kelleway's Jaemluck's Dannie of Clunton - First Yearling and second Post Graduate.


1. Waring's Ravendane Queen Of Darkness for Elleyenda - Stood alone. Placed reserve in a strong Yearling class. Almost a textbook marked exhibit, overall nice shape and make, moved OK.

OPEN (6)

1. Humphries'  Jaydania Georgia of Bengrafton - RCC - Fawn, another difficult to fault. lovely head with good planes and proportions, crested neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest, good flat bone and tight feet, well muscled, moved out driving from rear and reaching with front. Sympathetically handled. Pushed hard for CC in final line-up.

2. Walton's Ravendane Rose Liqueur - Blue, winner of S/O Blue, unfortunate to meet winner.

3. Morgan-Evans' Ch. Vanmore Eye Catching - Fawn, finer in stature to first and second but still presented a nice example of breed. Although a top winner, she was not on top of her game on the day. Handler worked hard to get the best out of her. Even so she has excellent shape and make worthy of her title. Another day, another show !!


1. Mahon's Harlequins - Nicely matched, moved together.

Tony Schaanning Ling - Judge.