Sutton Leisure Centre, Elton Head Road, St Helens

on Sunday 3rd March 2019










Dog Judge - MRS. C.G. GILBERT


Class1. Minor Puppy Dog. 3 entries,

1st Kinnegans Mission to Mars with Tantallion

2nd Allours Majik at Dainmajik

3rd Culseandanes Lord Zeus to Bandwar

Class 2. Puppy Dog. 6 entries

1st Georgieone Torpa Stenhuis

2nd Tayhamblue Show Must Go On With Adain

3rd Primus Breakin Rules

Res Georgieque To Control

VHC Fendane Sylcrest American Outlaw at Sunlind 

Class 3 Junior Dog. 6 entries

1st Dinahtron Rag n' Bone Man

2nd Vanmore What a Guy

3rd Roucandane Breakin Rules at Culseandanes

Res Fendane Sylcrest American Sun for Teeseedanes

VHC Primus Breakin Out 

Class 4 Yearling Dog, 4 entries

1st Zefather's Freedom Fighter at Tenaya

2nd Socar Nosey Parker at Dramalex

Class 5 Maiden Dog, 3 entries

1st Tayhamblue Show Must Go On With Adain

2nd Adoreadane Summer Sunshine 

Class 6 Novice Dog 0 entries

Class 7 Graduate Dog, 1 entry

1st Ganteus Gabriel Garsak

Class 8, Post Graduate Dog, 2 entries

1st Dundesert Eriksson Droolakiss

2nd Culseandane Lord Zeus to Bandwar

Class 9 Limit Dog, 5 entries

1st Primus Great Gatsby

2nd Ravendane Deal Me In with Elbarevol

3rd Tantallon Big Apple at Vanmore

Res Shlarra Smooth Mover

VHC Bandwar For Aces High 

Class 10 Special Open Fawn Dog, 4 entries

1st Dainmajik The Wizard

2nd Dundesert Eriksson Droolakiss

3rd Griffindane Athos 

Class 11 Special Open Brindle Dog, 1 entry

1st Droolakiss Re Attraction Via Emaneaz

Class 12 Special Open Blue Dog, 3 entries

1st Sarawen Arch Deacon

2nd Culseandanes Blue Poseidon 

Class 13 Special Open Black Dog, 3 entries

1st CH Danemoor Black Watche for Sarawen

2nd Bandwar For Aces High 

Class 14 Special Open Harlequin Dog, 2 entries

1st Tamzdane Oh My Apple Pie

Class 15 Special open Mantle Dog, 2 entries

1st Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol

2nd Damarkann Marquisite

Class 16 Open Dog, 6 entries

1st Culseandanes Tyrion The Imp

2nd Dainmajik The Conjuror To Murrayvhayle 

3rd Teeseedane Ragahnarr

Res Tenaya Cherokee Lone Wolf 

Class 17 Special Open Veteran Dog, 1 entry

1st Dainmajik Dante For Soupury 



Primus Great Gadsby 


Culseandanes Tyrion The Imp


Georgione Torpa Stenhuis 

Bitch Judge - Miss.P.Jacobs

Class 18 Minor Puppy Bitch, 1 entry

1st Sihr Singapore Sling

Class 19 Puppy Bitch, 7 entries

1st Axeford Arizona For Dramalex

2nd Vanmore This Is Me

3rd Zefather's Sweet Child O' Mine

Res Jaydania Angel of Harlem with Darlou

VHC Droolakiss Bridgette 

Class 20 Junior Bitch, 10 entries

1st Dinahtron Rags to Riches 

2nd Empress Elvira V Rosherta

3rd Calchas Yander Yours

Res Roucandane Making Rules With Culseandanes

VHC Jutlanders Are You Ready

Class 21 Yearling Bitch, 7 entries

1st Zefather's What It Takes

2nd CH Bourntwyn By My Side

3rd Zefather's Livin on the Edge at Tenaya 

Res Socar Stella Bonesera of Kailsadane 

VHC Bourntwyn Presleys Girl by Rioco 

Class 22 Maiden Bitch, 0 entries

Class 23 Novice Bitch, 2 entries

1st Zefather's Sweet Child O' Mine

2nd Socar Stella Bonesera of Kailsadane

Class 24 Graduate Bitch, 2 entries

1st Zefather's Sweet Child O' Mine 

Class 25 Post Graduate Bitch, 0 entries

Class 26 Limit Bitch, 1 entry

1st Nikami The Lyrical

Class 27 Special Open Fawn Bitch, 3 entries

1st Gretadane Honey Suckle

2nd Nikami The Lyrical

Class 28 Special Open Brindle Bitch, 1 entry

1st CH Droolakiss Miss Busy Body at Murrayvhayle

Class 29 Special Open Blue Bitch, 2 entries

1st CH Leamap Iron Maiden

2nd Dornoir Ain

Class 30 Special Open Black Bitch, 5 entries

1st Empress Elvira V Rosherta

2nd Renescent Miss Naughty

Class 31 Special Open Harlequin Bitch, 5 entries

1st Tamzdane Cake My Day

2nd Jaemluk's Dannie of Clunton

3rd  Damarkann Illicit Love

Class 32 Special Open Mantle Bitch, 1 entry

1st Tamzdane Bohemian Raspbery at Ravendane

Class 33 Open Bitch, 5 entries

1st CH Culseandanes House of Tully

2nd Ch Garsak Adaption

3rd Gretadane Honey Suckle

Res Tamzdane Cake My Day

VHC Renescent Miss Naughty  

Class 34 Special Open Veteran Bitch, 4 entries

1st Dainmajik The Sorceress

2nd CH Leamap Iron Maiden

3rd Dinahtron Lady Luck from Dornoir

Res Nikami Exotic Spice 



Dinahtron Rags to Riches


CH Culseandanes House of Tully 


Axeford Arizona for Dramalex 






Results of The Northern Great Dane Club Championship show Bitches Judged on 3rd March 2019.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the committee for their hospitality and a thoroughly enjoyable day, also to my stewards who kept things running smoothly. I was quite disappointed in some of the movement both front and rear but I was pleased with my principle winners.


1st Shiel's Sihr Singapore Sling - Stood alone pretty 7 month old blue, moved ok, short coupled nice tight feet good rear angulation.


1st Holland's Axeford Arizona from Dramalex - Lovely well-muscled fawn bitch of 10 months old in good condition, moved well, lovely reach of neck, good angulation and shoulder placement, good overall balance pleased to award her BPB.

2nd Morgan- Evans Vanmore This is Me - lovely head and neck, moved well, lovely cat like feet , well-muscled and square well covered.

3rd Cranfield's Zefather's Sweet Child O'Mine


1st McGuinness, Nelson-McGuinness & Burns - Dinahtron Rags to Riches - Loved this beautiful fawn bitch, very feminine balanced all through good Front and rear angulation beautiful head and long crested neck, good depth of chest and true powerful movement with dash and dare and in fabulous condition. Was pleased to award her BCC and with the approval of my co judge RBIS and BOS.

2nd Southgate's Empress Elivira V Rosherta- Nice shapely Black in excellent condition with a good chest and rear angulation, well bodied, moved with drive.

3rd Henshall, Walsh and Hocking's Calchas Yander Yours


1st Pendleton-Watkins Zefather's What it Takes - well-proportioned fawn with clean lines, nice head and neck, well-muscled, moved well.

2nd Bithell's Ch Bourntwyn By My Side - In good Muscular condition, nice make and shape, moved with drive.

3rd Seddon's Zefather's Livin on the Edge

MB - No entries


1st Cranfield's - Zefather's Sweet Child O' Mine - Much more settled in this class , nice make and shape, good angulation front and rear well bodied, good croup and head, good movement.

2nd Page's Socar Stella Bonesera of Kailsadane would prefer a little more all over, good shoulder placement and rear angulation, nice tight feet.


1st Cranfield's - Zefather's Sweet Child O' Mine

PGB - No Entries


1st Abbott's Nikami The Lyrical - Good size bitch with lovely head & neck well put together true movement.


1st Allison's Gretadane Honey Suckle - nice head, reachy neck, nice shoulders, good rear angulation, moves well .

2nd Abbott's Nikami The Lyrical

3rd Lawson & Hunter's Ch Droolakiss Gold'N' Glamour


1st Searle's CH Droolakiss Miss Busy Body at Murrayvhayle - Beautiful well marked brindle with a lovely head and neck going into well placed shoulders, dark eye, well put together, lovely shape, moved well.

S.O. Blue

1st Price's Ch Leamap Iron Maiden - Lovely little blue bitch with a nice head and good shoulders, well angulated and moved well

2nd Middleton's Dornoir Ain- Unfortunately the exhibitor left the ring and refused a critique.

S.O. Black

1st Southgate's Empress Elivira V Rosherta

2nd Simpson's Renescent Miss Naughty - Nice Clean feminine girl, nice head, dark eye, good front and rear angulation.

S.O. Harlequin

1st Pocock's Tamzdane Cake My Day - Pretty feminine bitch, nicely marked short coupled girl, good chest and well angulated, moved enthusiastically and with drive.

2nd Kelleway's Jaemluk's Dannie of Clunton - Strong but feminine bitch lovely shoulders, good angulation, lovely chest moved well.

3rd Middleton's Damarkann Illicit love


1st Walton's Tamzdane Bohemian Raspberry At Ravendane - Strong feminine bitch with good markings, good tight feet, nice head and well covered, moved well .


1st Sneddon & Booth's CH Culseandanes House of Tully - Lovely Quality fawn bitch in excellent bodily and muscular condition easy on the eye and good depth throughout moves with drive pleased to award her RCC.

2nd Hooker,Lockey & Armour's Ch Garsak Adaption - Well put together fawn bitch with a lovely head and neck, good angulation and moved enthusiastically and with drive.

3rd Allison's Gretadane Honey Suckle


1st Ingram's Dainmajik The Sorceress - 7 year old fawn girl in good condition lovely make and shape moved well and pleased to award her with my co Judge Best Veteran in show.

2nd Price's Ch Leamap Iron Maiden

3rd Middleton's Dinahtron Lady Luck from Dornoir

Judge - Miss Paula Jacobs


 Northern Great Dane Club Championship Show - 3rd March 2019

I was very pleased with my entry of dogs and overall my main class winners. There are some lovely dogs being produced that we can be proud of, but I can see why our beloved Danes are on the KC Breed Watch for eyes as I had to report that 17 of my 35 dogs judged had loose eyes. This is a problem which changes the whole look and expression of our Danes and is far too common that it seems to be accepted as the norm. Sadly, the drooping eye seems to follow the excessive drop of lip, another trait that, in excess, can spoil the beautiful profile of a Dane head. Movement needs watching as in the main it was OK but left room for improvement as many move close behind or threw their elbows out and there were a few weak in pasterns. These problems can only be resolved by the Dane breeders taking responsibility for what they produce and exhibitors taking time to exercise their Danes.

I was pleased that my co-judge Paula Jacobs were in complete agreement on the main winners: DCC & BIS: Primus Great Gatsby. BCC & RBIS/BOS: Dinahtron Rags to Riches. BPD/BIS: Georgieone Torpa Stenhuis

MPD (3,0) 1. Cooke's, Kinnegans Mission to Mars with Tantallon.8 mth fawn. Head of good length, broad muzzle and parallel plains. Well set ears Would have preferred a tighter eye and less drop of lip Super crested neck in to excellent shoulders. Well filled chest and deep brisket. Lovely topline, held on move and finishing with correct croup. Stood on good tight feet and has excellent bone. Moved very well. 2. Ingram's Allours Majik at Dainmajik, 7mth hari. Slightly longer cast than 1 and very raw puppy Head ok but lippy and slack in eyes. Good strong neck and well-set shoulders. Good straight front and width throughout finishing in correct croup. Needs to tighten in movement. 3. Black's Culseandane Lord Zeus to Bandwar. PD (6,1) 1. Bishton & Mosvold's, Georgieone Torpa Stenhuis. 11mth Fawn. This youngster ticket all the boxes for me. Balanced from head to toe. Super head with tight, dark eyes giving lovely expression, good length of foreface with correct drop of lip. Front assembly was excellent, well filled, deep chest, straightest of fronts standing on tight cat-like feet. His lines were clean from his neck over withers, solid topline and correct croup. Rear angulation and width to second thigh allowed this youngster to move with ease around the ring. BPD & BPIS 2. McLellan's Tayhamblue Show Must Go on With Anadain. 10 mth Fawn. Longer cast that 1. Coat in excellent condition. Expressive head, dark eyes. Good length of foreface and square drop of lip. Well arched neck. Needing to fill his frame throughout and tighten in topline. Adequate angulation front and rear to allow steady free movement. 3.Donnelly & Toohey's Primus Breakin Rules. JD (6,1) 1. McGuiness's Dinahtron Rag N Bone Man. 13mth Fawn. Pleasing outline with clean lines, presented in good condition. Loved his head and expression from his lovely dark eye and well used ears. Strong, well arched neck just enough length, flowing in to excellent shoulders. Good parallel front, flat bone and tight feet. Good width to chest and deep brisket with nice tuck up. Solid topline with good width throughout. Croup set OK and had adequate rear angulation for age. Moved very well. 2. Morgan-Evan's Vanmore What a Guy. 12mth Brindle. Lost out to 1 on movement today. Loved this youngster's expressive head of good length and balanced throughout. Dark eyes and lovely length of foreface with square drop of lip. Good length of neck excellent topline to well set croup. Needs to tighten up in front. 3. Booth & Sneddon's Roucandane Breaking Rules with Culseandane. YD (4,2) 1. Seddon's, Zefather's Freedom Fighter at Tenaya 21 mth Fawn. Balanced proportions to head but slightly broad in backskull. Dark expressive eye and square drop of lip. Strong crested neck, correct shoulders. Well filled front on tight feet. Good depth to brisket and tuck-up. Firm topline held on move. Moved OK . 2.Holland's, Socar Nosey Parker at Dramalex 19mth Fawn. Lost out to 1 on movement. Expressive head with dark eyes and square drop of lip. Needs to fill in front and strengthen pasterns. Nicely crested neck of good length, shoulders ok. Level topline and good tailset. Needs to tighten up front and rear movement. MD (3,1) 1. McLellan's T. Show Must Go on With Anadain 2. Tempest's Adoreadane Summer Sunshine: 9mth Harli Head ok but would prefer tighter eye and less drop of lip. Lovely shape with adequate angulation front and rear. Excellent front of good width and depth. Clean flowing lines from head to tail. Nicely marked harli, clean white underground. Lost out on movement to 1. GD (1,1) Absent. PGD (2,0) 1. Lawson & Hunter's Dundesert Eriksson Doolakiss. Fawn. Excellent head with good length of foreface and dark, kind, expressive eyes. Strong crested neck. Good layback of shoulder, deep brisket and spring of rib. Level topline held on move. Tail set ok. Adequate angulation to rear. Moved well. 2. Black's C. Lord Zeus to Bandwar, 3rd MPD 7mth Harli. Head shape ok though would prefer tighter eyes and less drop of lip. Good length of neck, correct lay of shoulder. Needing to fill in front and tighten up throughout, as would be expected of a pup of this age. LD (5,0) 1. Bailey's, Primus Great Gatsby. Kind expressive head. Good length of foreface and broad muzzle with just right amount of drop of lip. Would prefer just a tad darker eye. Strong, crested neck of adequate length, flowing cleanly over withers and on through strong topline to correct croup. He has excellent front and deep brisket and keeps his elbows well in. Angulation fore and aft allow for free easy movement. Glad to award him his 1st CC and with agreement of my co-judge BIS 2. Burton's, Ravendane Deal Me in with Elbarevol. Mantle. Presented in lovely condition. Head of good length, level plains. Eye slightly loose. Good ear placement. Strong crested neck. Excellent front assembly, straight, well filled front standing on tight feet. Good depth of brisket and adequate rear angulation. Croup ok. Had a lovely free action on the move. 3.Morgan-Evan's, Tantallon Big Apple at Vanmore. SP OPEN FAWN (4,1) 1. Ingram's Dainmajik The Wizard. Nicely balanced male of clean flowing line. Strong head with correct proportions and quizzical expression and dark eyes. Strong clean neck of correct length. Excellent shoulder placement. Level topline, held on move. Good tailset and adequate rear angulation. Front feet could be tighter. 2. Lawson & Hunter's, D. Eriksson Doolakiss. 1st PG. Preferred overall balance and shape of 1. 3.Grierson & Griffin's, Griffindane Athos. SP OPEN BRINDLE (1,0) 1 Harrison's Droolakiss re Attraction via Emaneaz. Nice clear marked brindle, well defined stripes. Strong head with good plains and dark eye and correct ear placement. Strong neck of good length set in good shoulders. Good straight front but feet could be tidier. Clean over withers, level topline with slight slope to croup. Carrying a bit too much weight affecting movement. SP OPEN BLUE (3,1) 1. Pepper's Sarawen Arch Deacon. Head of great length, square drop of lip and correct eye, would just prefer more defined stop. Good strong neck. Well filled front, deep brisket and good tuck-up. Firm, Level topline, steep croup. Moved well. 2. Sneddon & Booth's Culseandanes Blue Poseidon. Head Ok, would prefer more length of foreface. Excellent eye shape and ear placement. Strong neck. Adequate angulation front and rear but needs to fill in front. Preferred head and movement of 1. SP OPEN BLACK (3,1) 1. Pepper's, Ch. Danemoor Black Watche for Sarawen. Presented in gleaming condition. Balanced head of good length and width finished with an excellent eye not often seen in our Danes today. Crested neck of good length. well filled in front and standing o correct tight feet. He has adequate rear angulation but would prefer more width of second thigh. Moved OK. 2. Bollons, Bandwar for Aces High. Broader in skull than 1 but overall balanced. Nice broad muzzle and good eye. Strong neck. Clean lines from wither to croup. Good width to chest with deep brisket and good spring of rib. Moved Ok SP OPEN HARL (2,1) Pocock's Tamzdane Oh My Apple Pie. Nicely marked harli. Really liked this boy, not the biggest but his body proportions are excellent. From a clean crested neck to shoulders, level topline, his angles are top notch. He has super rear angulation and width of second thigh that makes his movement so fluent and effortless. Best mover of the day. Unfortunately for me his head is overly strong. SP OPEN MANTLE (2,0) 1. Burton's, R. Deal Me in with Elbarevol - 2nd LD 2. Kelleway's Damarkann Marquisite. Well-marked mantle with full white collar. Head of good length, square drop of lip though broad in back-skull. Would prefer tighter eye. Balanced in profile but carrying too much weight. Strong crested neck, adequate front and rear angulation. Steep in croup. Movement Ok. OD (6,2) 1. Sneddon & Booth's Culseandanes Tyrion The Imp. Fawn of good shape and balanced outline. Expressive head with broad muzzle and foreface of adequate length. Would prefer less drop of lip and tighter eye. Strong arched neck flowing to strong well-set shoulders. Deep brisket, level topline and correct tail set. Excellent angulation front and rear with good width of second thigh. Moved Ok but needs to tighten up in front. Maturing nicely. RCC 2. Searle's Dainmajik The Conjuror to Murrayvhayle. Fawn. Expressive head of good proportion, square drop of lip. Dark eye and correct ear set. Strong crested neck. Clean line from head to tail. Solid topline and correct tail set. Just lost out to better shoulder angulation of 1. Moved ok. 3. Teese's Teeseedane Ragahnarr. SP VETERAN (1,0) 1. Flanagan's Dainmajik Dante for Soupury. Mantle. Coming up on 9 years old and still enjoying his day in the ring. Lovely head of good length and expressive dark eye. Strong neck of good width and length set in strong shoulders. Good width of chest. Straight front. Level topline and still holding himself on strong back legs. Moved well. Credit to owner.

Judge: Cath Gilbert