Stud Book bands outline the various levels of qualification criteria which have to be achieved for a dog to gain its Stud Book Number- an award which will qualify a dog for entry at Crufts.


The bands are divided into 5 levels, and breeds are assigned their band on an annual basis. A dog can gain a Stud Book Number in various ways, through winning a Challenge Certificate or a Reserve Challenge Certificate or having gained a specific award in one of the classes in their band at a Championship Show where CC's are on offer for the breed.


A Stud Book Number can also be awarded to a dog having qualified for it's Junior Warrant. CC's, Reserve CC's and Junior Warrants qualify in all bands.


The Stud Book Bands are reviewed annually using entry statistics gathered from General, Group and Breed Club Championship shows over the previous two years. The totals are then averaged out and applied to a scale which determines which Stud Book Band the breed falls into.


For 2015 it is confirmed that the Great Dane will be in Stud Book Band C. This means 1st/2nd in Open Class or 1st in Limit Class.